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Reviews of the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter


AKuracy Sight

The Law Tactical AKuracy rear sight has a dove tail allowing the user to replace the standard, small-slit rear sight with a wider pistol rear sight. READ MORE April 18, 2014

AR Folding Stock Adapter

AR Build Junkie

In an industry obsessed with innovation, one company delivering one of the most ground-breaking products in the past decade has been Law Tactical... READ MORE June 11, 2019

Primer Peak

Being able to pack your AR-15 into a small space like the Tuff Products Sentinel Elite CARB Bag normally would require... READ MORE 2018

Offgrid Web

The prospect of getting out of a bad situation under hostile conditions looms in the minds of most preppers... READ MORE November 28, 2018

The Firearm Blog

DOLOS sounds like a disease you really don’t want to get, but it’s a rather nice solution from Pantheon Arms for any Milspec AR15... READ MORE November 13, 2018

Cheaper Than Dirt

Over the years, I have changed my opinion on AR-15 pistols. At one time, I believed these short little AR-15s were useless fun-time range toys... READ MORE June 16, 2017

Short Barrrel Shepherd

I published an article on fake Law Tactical folding adapters over three years ago. Dubbing these knockoffs as “Outlaws,” I attempted to detail the safety concerns about using them in real firearms... READ MORE May 10, 2017

Civilian Gunfighter

Regular readers of this blog no doubt know by now how John and I have both dabbled in the world of the AR Pistol... READ MORE May 9, 2017

America's 1st Freedom

We expect most “First Gear” readers are sharing our collective sigh of relief over the election results. If only for a few short weeks... READ MORE November 20, 2016

Short Barrel Shepherd

I was really excited to combine products from two of my favorite companies. It’s like tactical Reese’s peanut butter cups... READ MORE November 18, 2015

Recoil Web

The folding stock AR has long been a unicorn. Many have tried to change the game by fielding an AR platform with a folding stock... READ MORE June 8, 2015

Military Morons

My 'wish list' of things I wanted to see changed on the Gen 2 was pretty much addressed on the Gen 3... READ MORE March 21, 2015

Weapon Evolution

Law Tactical’s Gen 3 Folding Stock Adaptor for the AR platform has just hit the market. Having some experience over the last year with the Gen 2 version, I’m very excited to see the improvements made to the Gen 3 version. Clearly, designers paid a great deal of attention to user feedback... READ MORE August 16, 2014

Breach Bang Clear

Previously to make use of these low profile carriage system you needed to separate the upper receiver and lower to store the gun. This obviously makes carrying the weapon in a ready status impossible... READ MORE April 4, 2014

White Wolf Tactical

My first impressions when unboxing the adapter was that it was extremely well built weighing in at around 6 ounces; it does add slight weight to your rifle. Included in the package are very detailed instructions, the adapter, and a small package of Loctite. READ MORE October 24, 2013

The TRUTH About Guns

One of my personal dislikes of the basic AR-15 platform is the fact that they don’t have folding stocks. I’m not talking about rifles like the SIG 556 or other variants, I’m talking about true ARs. READ MORE June 20, 2013

Military Morons

The AR Folding Stock Adaptor from Law Tactical is an adaptor that works with most AR-15 rifles that allows the stock to be folded to the side, greatly shortening the rifle's overall length. READ MORE May 25, 2013

Black Sheep Warrior

We are going to be taking a look at the Law Tactical Gen 2 AR Folding Adapter. This is as good as any piece of gear as they come. READ MORE May 21, 2013

Guns & Tactics

Both enthusiasts and professionals find great utility and success with this application READ MORE May 10, 2013

8541 Tactical

Have you ever needed to stuff your AR15 in the smallest case possible? Were you concerned about the terminal energy loss of going to a super short barrel? READ MORE May 4, 2013

Law Tactical is updating their folding stock adapter for AR-pattern rifles. The new adapter is smaller, accommodates a wider range of firearms, and adds several other features... READ MORE November 16, 2012

Jerking The Trigger

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a folding stock on you AR-15? I suspect that most of you have... READ MORE October 26, 2012