Counterfeit Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapters


Unlicensed manufactures in China have reproduced our product and are marketing them for AIRSOFT replica guns.

DO NOT attempt to use this Airsoft item on any real firearm.

The Airsoft counterfeit WILL NOT hold up to actual recoil of a firearm and will cause damage to the firearm and possible injury to the user or bystanders.

These are NOT our Generation 1 versions. It is a counterfeit of significantly inferior quality made from cast metal, not CNC machined aluminum like our adapter.

BE ALERT These companies have taken photos of our actual adapter from our website in order to look legitimate. They have copied our branding and use our company name without consent. We are currently working with authorities to prevent the sale and import of these products to ensure the safety of our customers.

CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE FROM Short Barreled Shepard for more info and images of the COUNTERFEIT ADAPTERS: