OEM Direct Sales

Please be advised that we are operating on a limited staff. This may delay email and phone responses, as well as shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience. Production of AR Folding Stock Adapters has not stopped. However, industry-wide demand has increased significantly. Our distributors/dealers are being supplied regularly. We recommend back-ordering for the fastest service.

We have two separate programs, one for selling at retail and one for manufacturers.

If you plan on selling at retail
, you would need to purchase adapters from our distributor Crows Shooting Supply.

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You can visit their webpage: https://www.crowshootingsupply.com/ or call them directly at 800-264-2493

If you are an O7
FFL manufacturer, who will be using components exclusively for your OEM builds or kit you may sign up for our OEM program. In this case, you first need to set up an account on our website:


After setting up an account, send an email requesting dealer information and pricing, along with a copy of your O7FFL to [email protected]